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This is the homepage of PPower4
(P^4, Pdf Presentation Post Processor)
  • Nov 13, 2002: There were even more problems with different combinations of images in highlighting mode or when old versions of pdftex were used. Version 0.9.4 fixes the known ones. Try to replace pp4p.jar if you experience problems with included pdf or jpg images.
  • Nov 6, 2002: Version 0.9.3 fixes another bug with images in pdf format, if they are used together with the highlighting feature. Again it is sufficient, to replace pp4p.jar if you experience problems with included pdf images.
  • Sep 18, 2002: Another update, sigh! Version 0.9.2 fixes a bug with images in jpg and png format. It is sufficient, to replace pp4p.jar if you (plan to) use images in jpg or png format while highlighting is in effect.
  • Sep 16, 2002: Version 0.9.1 fixes a bug in the handling of page numbers for thumbnails. This affects also the thumbnnail processing with pdfthumb. It is sufficient, to replace pp4p.jar, if you experience problems with the numbers of your thumbnails.
  • Sep 13, 2002: Since the first release of PPower4 in September 1999 three years have passed and it is time for an update.

    The initial version, which was based on a pdf processing library from Etymon Systems, Inc. is no longer supported now.
    From early 2000 we have had the so called beta version, which has many more dynamic effects and has evolved to the present state.
    The new release 0.9 can also be used if the PDF file has been created with vtex or dvipdfm.
    If you intend to use dvipdfm, make sure to use the appropriate option when loading pause.sty. For details see the manual.
    Furthermore the pause.sty style file has now options for suppressing the effect (ignore) or for omitting the marker rectangles (nomarkers).