The exam-n class

Format exam papers

This is version exam-n-1.4.0, 2022 October 10.


Other exam styles

There are already multiple ‘exam’ LaTeX styles on CTAN, including the (original?) exam class, the extensive AcroTeX bundle, the examdesign and exams classes, and a variety of other packages which mention exams in some way. Some of these are more focused on generating quizzes (even doing things like randomising answers) or on having a highly customisable layout. Several (including ‘exam-n’) have support for generating versions of the exam document which include answers, for the benefit of markers.

The exam-n style

What the ‘exam-n’ class can bring to this particular (rather crowded) party is:

The focus of the ‘exam-n’ class is on the careful collaborative process of assembling an exam, and many of the features are to do with checks to avoid mistakes. The result has, in effect, been validated by practice.

To install

Unpack the distribution tarball or zip file, and move the directory move-to-texmf (or its contents) to some location on the LaTeX search path. You're probably looking for a directory called texmf-local, or something like that.

‘Move…to a suitable place’ is admittedly very vague. Here are some pointers, however:


With the version 1.1 release, the interface should now be regarded as rather stable. However version 1.1 was the first to be released outside Glasgow University, so there may be some changes to the interface which will emerge with broader use, as well as some bug fixes. The interface may, therefore, yet change. If you use this class to produce exams, you should therefore include a copy of the class file locally, rather than relying on a central version. If you need an earlier version of the class, let me know.

The class was called exam until release 0.14, and guexam until release 1.1. In the first case, it was renamed to avoid a conflict with a pre-existing LaTeX class with the same name; and in the second it was renamed to make it more generically useful to other institutions.

1.4.0, 2022 October 10 1.4.0-b1, 2022 August 7 1.3.5-b1, 2022 July 11 1.3, 2018 November 21 1.2.1, 2018 July 2 1.2, 2017 December 1

Earlier release notes are available

Norman Gray
2022 October 10